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Unity Level implementation/optimization

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Hello gurus. Im doing a study right now on what type of scene/level implementaion or optimization are implemented on commercial 3d games such as Grand Theft auto. I know some of 3d games are using Octree as a basic implementaion for handling scenes. But Octree is mostly used for Outdoor rendering while BSP or PSV is mostly used for indoor rendering. BUt how about combination for Outdoor + indoor rendering? for example when users enter or exit a building in a game, what kind of rendering/optimization i used? Thanks in advance for your help. PS. I have opened similar topic to this before but no one replied link here

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thanks for your reply,
anyways im not using any 3d graphics library since we are
building our own..

any more suggestions you guys?

if i rephrase the question;
what scene/level manipulations or implementations are used in games such as
Grand Theft Auto, the Simpsons game and other 3d game that combines indoor and (mostly) outdoor scenes?
Ist it BSP, Octree, PVS, a combination?

thanks in advance...

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