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when to test walking,jumping

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IN making a 2D game I am wondering about when to test for collisions. I am moving on tiles like mario type game where i can jump and move left/right and fall . I get tiles around me to test which can be at most 4 but this has problems. TO test for collisions I currently - have a collisions call in game loop after a move call. If I detect I am on a tile to collide I simply move back the required amount which makes the sprite vibrate when trying to move through a solid object , and to test for collisions there are a number of types so the amount of code can be confusing. -wouldnt it be better to test before each separate movement so testing for collisions is not so centralized. Like before i move right I test the tile to the right of me if it is solid and tile below me to see if I will fall. When testing while jumping I test to see if tile I am about to move into is solid and hit me head and move down straight away etc. Benefit-would provide smoother movements and simpler collision detection problems- will need to write a different collision routine for each movement.

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Hi jagguy2 :-)

I found this site Tile Based Games very handy even though it is written using Flash5 code.

I was able to adapt and use ideas for a Delphi (Object Pascal) tile based platform game I started writing :)

There are two tutorials there that could help with your issues:

Hit the wall

I hope this helps you like it did me :)

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