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OpenGL opengl commands for MD2 format

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Is the GLCommand in the MD2 file format absolutely needed? I am trying to render different MD2 files with the loader I created, and I am getting some weird outputs. I get the rough shape of what I am trying to load, and I am not quite sure if I absolutely need the GLCommands to make it look correct. I figured since all MD2 files are saved as triangles it would be ok to use GL_TRIANGLES when rendering. Here is an image of what the rendered object looks like, and the code I am using to render it. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v482/salem2022/Untitled2.jpg
bool MD2::RenderMD2Objects(int frame)
    MD2MODEL mdl = mdls.front();
    /*render all objects to the screen*/
    glPolygonMode( GL_BACK, GL_FILL );                  //draw back face with lines
    glPolygonMode( GL_FRONT, GL_FILL );                 //draw front face with lines
    for(int i = 0; i < mdl.nFaces; i++){
        //the vertexes are stored in vectors, to render each frame the vector index needs to be multiplied by the frame number
        glVertex3f( mdl.v_x[ mdl.vi_x*frame ],
                    mdl.v_y[ mdl.vi_y*frame ],
                    mdl.v_z[ mdl.vi_z*frame ]);
    return true;

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Yea that's where the GLCommand offset comes in, and it helps render more frames per second, but it also works drawing just triangles (it's just really slow sometimes). I got it working now, and it can load/animate the md2 files. Looking back on the code I posted i was pretty dumb. I'm drawing one point for every face, so that definitely wasn't going to work :p Instead I draw 3 points for every face now, and 3 texture coords for every face. My only problem now is converting UV coordinates to texture coordinates since I get values larger than 1 and also negatives when I divide U by the texture width and V by texture height. So if anyone knows/has an idea it would be greatly appreciated

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