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X86 ASM question!

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I am trying to learn some X86 assembly, and found this code on the internet. The code is supposed to allow the user to enter a number, then determine whether it is prime or not. My question is in section L3 of isPrime. As far as I can see, this code only jumps to this section if the number in EAX is 1 or 2, but it also appears to be the only section that sets the ZERO flag! How does it handle a prime number that isnt 1 or 2? Also in the isPrime function: how does the program escape the loop in section L1? It appears to be infinite to me. Sorry if these are stupid questions, I am only familiar with ARM assembly. EDIT: The Irvine32.inc is just a library that allows you to read and write to the console in Windows, if you see a call not included, its from Irvine32
INCLUDE Irvine32.inc

heading BYTE "*** Prime Number Program *** (DEMO)",

prompt BYTE "Enter an integer between 2 and 2,147,483,647, ",
	"or enter 0 to quit: ",0
msgPrime BYTE " is prime.",0dh,0ah,0
msgNotPrime BYTE " is not prime.",0dh,0ah,0

main PROC
	call ClrScr
	mov  edx,OFFSET heading
	call WriteString

L1: call Crlf
	mov  edx,OFFSET prompt
	call WriteString
	call ReadInt		; read value into EAX
	call Crlf
	cmp  eax,0		; does user want to quit?
	jle  Exit_main		; yes

	call IsPrime		; is EAX prime?
	.IF ZERO?		; yes:
	  mov  edx,OFFSET msgPrime	; display "is prime"
	.ELSE		; no:
	  mov  edx,OFFSET msgNotPrime	; display "is not prime"

	call WriteDec		; display the number
	call Writestring		; display the message
	jmp  L1

	call Clrscr
main ENDP

IsPrime PROC
; Checks the integer in EAX to see if it is prime. If so,
; returns with ZF = 1; otherwise, clears the Zero flag.
	cmp eax,2		; 1 and 2 are special cases
	jbe L3		; both are prime

	mov ecx,eax	   	; get number for loop count
	shr ecx,1		; divide by 2
	mov ebx,2		; first divisor

L1:	call IsDivisible   		; EAX divisble by EBX?
	jz L4		; yes: quit
	inc ebx		; next divisor
	loop L1

L3:	test eax,0		; prime, so set the Zero flag
	jmp L5

L4:	or eax,0		; not prime, so clear the Zero flag
	jmp L5

L5:	popa
IsPrime ENDP

IsDivisible PROC
; Sets the Zero flag if EAX is evenly divisible by EBX.
	push  eax
	push  edx
	mov   edx,0
	div   ebx	; divide EAX by EBX
	cmp   edx,0	; remainder = 0?
	pop   edx
	pop   eax
IsDivisible ENDP

END main

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the loop instruction decrements ecx and will jump only if ecx is not 0, so eventually L1 will fall through to L3.

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