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[XNA] Load MP3 file dynamically in XNA 3.0

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Hello everyone, I have a bit of a problem. I am using XNA 3.0 and I have a test app for a rhythm game I am creating... I want to load the mp3 files dynamically. I have read up on custom content managers and all sorts of things but I am a bit lost on it all so if someone could point me in the right direction that would be a huge help. In essence I can do:
            mMediaSong = Content.Load<Song>(@"ch8_rescue");
But I want to load the ch8_rescue.mp3 file from another directory at runtime. Thanks for any help!

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The only way I could figure out how to do this natively in XNA would be to use a modified version of the XNB code: XNB Content Builder Assembly and it seems like too much work to do something so simple...

Bass or FMod would be nice choices but I worry about licenses and third party implementations that might have nasty surprises. SlimDX for DirectSound would have been nice but I think it might be too much overhead as I am already using XNA and the same for Tao and OpenAL.

EDIT: And yeah MCI would work but I got some sort of odd error with my code when doing things that way... Even though the exact same code works in my editor O_o so maybe XNA doesn't like MCI for some reason?

I ended up opting instead to use the windows media player using this reference: Creating the windows media player programmatically

Here is the code I used:

mMediaPlayer = new WindowsMediaPlayer();
mMediaPlayer.URL = mSong.MP3Filename;

Just posting this incase anyone was curious as to what I ended up doing. I hate it when I read a thread that asks the same question that I want to know the answer to and no one has responded.

Good luck.

[Edited by - shadowisadog on January 8, 2009 5:52:14 PM]

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