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Deferred lighting debugging

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I'm trying to iron out my algorithm, and there are some things that "aren't like the textbooks" and i'm not sure if i'm ok or not. First off, my RT containing position information is not like ones i have seen. in all the examples i see.... it looks like a foggy white scene, whereas in my algorithm the RT is broken up into 4 quadrants, red green yellow and black, and "0,0" is in the center of the screen. I think the normal buffer is correct but again i'm not exactly sure what the behavior should be, should moving the camera affect the color of the object in the normal buffer? yes right? the texture RT lol... easy. Secondly,when i move the camera, the lighting moves around.... Duhhh there is some matrix weirdness going on, but i'm not sure where. Feels to me like i am not multiplying my lights by the camera matrix? i think i checked that though. Lastly, Multiple lights and point lights, i dont feel i have attempted this well enough to talk about it, and if i get the previous 2 problems solved i think i can do this much better. Thanks for the help. here are some pictures, the site is the name of my team, just a couple of friends from college. I have 1 directional light in this scene. http://www.deadbeefgames.com/GravitasPictures/LightingFin.jpg http://www.deadbeefgames.com/GravitasPictures/LightingAlmostDone.jpg

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