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Couple questions about dx9 and 10

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I have a few questions(more may come later): 1st. What is one of the recommended ways to have your application check for dx10 support on the OS(as in engine needing to support dx9 and 10). 2nd. What are some of the ways to efficiently store and manage dx9 and 10 effects(as in game engine effect manager). Thanks in advance.

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the DX10 support check i do like this:

// create Factory
IDXGIFactory* dxgiFactory;
hr = CreateDXGIFactory(__uuidof(IDXGIFactory), (void**)(&dxgiFactory));
if (FAILED(hr)) return hr;

// enum Adapters
IDXGIAdapter* dxgiAdapter;
UINT ai = 0;
while (dxgiFactory->EnumAdapters(ai, &dxgiAdapter) != DXGI_ERROR_NOT_FOUND) {
bool canDX10 = SUCCEEDED(dxgiAdapter->CheckInterfaceSupport(__uuidof(ID3D10Device), NULL));
if (!canDX10) {

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Original post by Wizecoder
Anyone else able to help with the second question?
This tends to be more an exercise in general software design really. There aren't really any requirements imposed by the underlying technology except for efficiency.

For other people on these forums asking similar design questions it often boils down to the decision of ownership. Does the renderer own the objects to be rendered, or do the objects render themselves?

The main factors tend to be complexity (every object rendering itself can get quite messy) versus expressibility (a centralised renderer may need a complex interface to handle all rendering scenarios)...

Once you've resolve that part it often becomes clearer where you want to locate shared resources and the various connections between them (e.g. the above decision can completely flip a 1:many/many:1 connection) should become a lot clearer.


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