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Landscape Texture Question

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Finally got PR installed and running last night. Played around with the landscape editor a bit. This is a great program My question is this: It looks to me like the texture controls what type of landscape elevation changes occur during generation. So, how do I make a texture in such a way that I get the general terrain that I want? For instance, I want an area of gently rolling grass-covered hills. How do I design a texture that will result in this type of terrain on the first pass? Or am I not understanding how this works? Also, is it possible to make a landscape with a lake in the middle, and then in that lake is an underwater tunnel that leads up into a cave inside a hill? I''m assuming the tunnel and cave would have to be a BSP maybe? Or is this even possible? If this is all covered in the landscape studio documentation feel free to ignore me - I''m planning on spending the weekend playing with this and I''ll go through the documentation more thoroughly then

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You assign a texture to a range on the heightfield. For example if you know that your rolling hills lie between 20-100 values on the heightfield you can assign a texture to that region.

You can''t assign both grass and sand to the same height region, but you can have a texture with both grass and sand on it in the first place and just assign it to the entire region.

You''ll probably end up having around 3 textures. One for underwater, one with the main terrain texture, and maybe one for high snowy mountain tops. You can have a lot of different regions with textures assigned but it''s easier to make one main texture with your color variations already in it. (look at lstudio\bin\world1\desert4.jpg)

For underground parts, you''ll need to use a BSP object. You cannot cut a hole in the side of a mountain. However the engine will turn off the collision with the terrain if you''re inside a BSP object and cannot see the outside world. This means you''ll need to make a bend in your entrance to the underground world before you travel below the heightfield.

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