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GetProcAddress() returning NULL!

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I am trying to use a runtime DLL but after I have called LoadLibrary (which is successful) GetProcAddress is returning NULL. I know the DLL is correct as I got it working by including it at load time (inluding the header and lib as well as the dll) in another project. This is the header file for the DLL:
#define DLLDIR _declspec(dllexport)

void DLLDIR DLLfun1(char*);
int DLLDIR DLLfun2(int);

extern int DLLDIR DLLArg;

class DLLDIR DLLclass
	int Add(int, int);
	int Sub(int, int);
	int Arg;
And this is the source file where I call GetProcAddress:
#include <iostream>
#include <windows.h>
using namespace std;

typedef void (*FUNC1)(char*);
typedef int (*FUNC2)(int);

int main()
	FUNC1 pfun1;
	FUNC2 pfun2;
	hMod = LoadLibrary(L"RunTime_DLL.dll");

	pfun1 = (FUNC1) GetProcAddress(hMod, "DLLfun1");
	pfun2 = (FUNC2) GetProcAddress(hMod, "DLLfun2");
	DWORD dRes = GetLastError();

	(pfun1)("Hello World\n");
	int a = (pfun2)(30);

	cout << a;

	bool bRes = FreeLibrary( hMod );

I called GetLastError and it returned 127 which is: The specified procedure could not be found. ERROR_PROC_NOT_FOUND I don't understand why it can't find the function in the DLL! Especially since I have, like I mentioned, used the functions when loading the DLL at load time. Any help will be great thanks

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You're probably experiencing name mangling issues. Try declaring the functions as extern "C" or using .DEF file for the DLL exports.

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SICrane you are a hero, i messed about with this for 4 hours the other day, adding extern C did work...I've seen it a few times while I've been researching but I didn't think I'd need it.

Thanks again

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