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(3D MAX) Bone Weight problem exporting to .X

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Hello guys! I'm working with XNA, 3D Max 6 (CS 4.2) and PandaExporter (I know it's old & there's a better one, but I downloaded this better one, "installed" it, but it actually didn't install anything: no files copied). I don't really know 3D Max, I'm not a 3D Artist :) Based on the "dude"'s animation example from XNA Creators, I'm trying to make a Mazinger mesh (downloaded from Turbo Squid) walk. (It has a biped inside) I manage to import & render it, as long as I export it without bones. BUT whenever I export it with bones, my XNA throws this exception: "Error normalizing vertex bone weights. BoneWeightCollection does not contain any weighting values." I Yahooed & found a possible answer: all bones MUST have weight values (maybe it's true, maybe not...) So I checked (as I could) the weight table in 3dMax & found that R_Toe & Neck had no values. So I played a bit with the spray & painted some red weight around. I check the table & I FIND new values for this bones :) So I export the mesh to an X file, load it in my XNA application, F5 and... same error... I check the .X file & I find that the weight values that I can see in 3d Max table for this 2 bones are still missing (all other weights are there but neck & r_toe) If I collapse the modifier list in 3D Max & export the Mazinger, no bone weight info is saved in the .X file. Any ideas...? Am I missing something? I guess I somehow need to apply the values that I painted to the mesh, but I have no idea of how to do it! Thanks a lot for your help & sorry for the long text!

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