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VC6 Profiler dilemna

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I''ve had nothing but problem trying to get the profiler working with my game. I set the linker options correctly....straight outta msdn. But every time i run the program in debug mode all my blt assertions fail. If i do it in release it gets really screwy. I think i''ve tracked it down to bitmaps not loading or something.....i say that because they do load correctly. I asserted all throughout the bitmap loadinbg code. My program works fine in release and debug, so i have no clue why this would happen only when i profile it. I''ve tried /EXCALL(might be spelled wrong) and /INC spline.obj(something my program doesn''t use at all, its form a previous project. Just did it for confirmation). Its kinda hard to figure that one out since i can''t remotely debug it or do in windowed mode because of the video(which by the way my program gets no where near loading when it flips out so thats not it). Is there something special i''m missing? Should I just try making batch files to do it outside MSDev? Arrrggggghhhhhh!!!!!!! Robert Warden Lasershot Shooting Simulations

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