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Most of my bookmarked threads have

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come from threads started by rodneyldixon. Thank you, rodney, for hours of entertainment. Thank you for your bandwidth. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~Succinct Demos Online~ I am a software engineer who writes poetic code!

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I also have received hours of enjoyment from following rodneyldixon's threads and the assorted responses. They all seem to follow this pattern:

1) rodneyldixon asks relatively sensible but vague question about how to get started in programming games

2) Several well-meaning people post replies giving suggestions for what to look into or how to get started.

3) rodney slightly rewords question from #1 and reposts, seemingly missing what was said by the first wave of replies

4) People reply again with further explanations. Several of these responses will be flames.

5) rodney starts new thread with similar title, asking the same question as #1 with the assertion "I've read book __insert title here__ and now I'm ready to make games."

6) Goto #2

As Succint said, rodney never ceases to amaze. Insults and advice slide off him as though he has a teflon coating and a mothballed cranium. Loads of fun

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