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Because Of War Announced

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Because of War is a game currently undergoing development from Gamerz Revolution! Gamerzrevolution.net Some details about the game. Theme: Post nuclear war, apocalypse style of game play: First person shooter; Online and single player Story line: It would be about what we call 'Normals' (norm for short) versus the 'Affected' (affed for short, haha) Norms are self explanatory, they are everyday humans like you and me. The affed are a new civilization that mainly lives underground, they are affected by a disease that transforms the way they think. The disease was caused by the nuclear radiation mixed with a "dirty bomb", it was a chemical reaction. As a result, there came these deformed humans. There are two types of affed beings. There are type a (no name yet) and type b (no name yet). Type a is the affed beings that wanted this whole disease to happen. Right now (after the nuclear war) they live underground, they created their own tunnel system originally branched of the new york subway system. They wear these mechanical gas masks that are built into their faces and often mechanical limbs replace the blown or shot of limbs from war. Type b affed beings are like beings from the movie 'I am Legend.' They are a deformed human society which have found to be protecting the type a affed beings. They live above ground protecting the type a beings from norms entering their tunnel system. When a norm is found type b affed beings tear them apart devouring them at the spot. Type b affed beings are starved, crazed and very deadly.

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