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MFC + DirecDraw: Display plots?

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Hi, for an existing MFC/GDI based program I am programming a faster graphic display. The porgram works with FFT and other highly mathematically routine s to display the resulting data. All that calculations needs CPU power. The existing routines (GDI) are to slow for our purposes. In the net I found two sources, which I try to combine. One is called "palette" and allows plotting (setting and reading pixels in the memory) in fullscreen mode via DirectDraw7. The other one is called something like ddtomfc (or something similiar ... dont remember exactly...), which shows a way to combine mfc and directdraw but this one uses the DC and draws Ellipses via GDI (as it seems). What I have is a resulting code which gets the "VideoRAM" (sorry, if this is the wrong terminus technicus ... and I am very new to this kind of programming...) via "lock()"-mechanism and it is able to set the pixels. I removed the GDI related drawing Ellipse code. But: I cannot display the memory with the set pixels. The code used for displaying the pixels in the Palette program is not working in non-fullscreen mode -- my MFC-based data calculation program uses windowed (MFC) mode -- and the routines from the Ellipse drawing program, which combines DorectDraw with MFC seems not to work here. How can I display the contents of the altered memory in windowed mode of my MFC based program via DirectDraw7 ? Thank you very much for any help in advance! Have a nice weekend! Kind regards, mcc

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