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PR features

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Greetings... I want to ask a few questions about current and future PR features and hope Chris can provide me with a solutions to them. 1. Will(or maybe it''s already have but i missed it) PR have support of DOT3 Bump Mapping and Volume textures ? 2. Will there be any complex routines for such effects like mirrors,shadows and VolumeFog ? By saying complex i mean rendering methods or something like this so a coder will not care about it during programming entire application code. 3. Will there be a detailed tutorials about vertex and pixels shaders ? By saying tutorials i mean step by step explanation of creating such things. It is little hard to understand for those who don''t kwon DirectX or hate is documentation. 4. Will there be a source code for such functions like LoadPRO, LoadTexture and other load routines ? I think this can make engine more opened and friendly to it''s users. 5. Will there be native support(It was previosly using SEAL, but XM''s a little out of date currently) for module music ? There is a lot of things which can be done by using ONLY module music. I understand what PR is more graphics than sound engine, but such features will greatly increase it''s capabilities. 6. Will there be a wrapper for a DirectSound interface(without any pervertions like 3D sound) ? 7. Will there be removed initialization functions which require exact number of triangles/materials/textures amount in the program ? It is currently most serios disadvantage of the engine IMHO. And also there is a few suggestions i want to make. 1. Do not Kill Software pipeline coz my Athlons(with GeForce 2MX and DDR GTS) 1.0 and 1.2 GHz show better results with it than while using hardware T&L. Video GPU speed is little limited and modern CPU''s can make little more faster calculations of such thing as lightning(I''m not talking about GF3, but think what more faster CPU''s will be released soon, like Hammer from AMD and GPU''s will always be little slower when modern CPU''s)... 2. Do not rewrite(fully) PR by using C++. It is actual for Very big applications only. 10-50Kb application can be done more faster and easier while using pure C. Again, it is only my IMHO. But I hate using CPP for a small applications and PR do a great job for me by wrapping DirectX to a C code. Also C is more easy to understand for beginers. 3. Add more UserData space in all structures for a user specific needs. To avoid duplicating them once again by users of the engine for containing additional game specific information. 4. Do more work about TTF fonts conversions since there is a problem with converting of overlapping fonts. I can send screenshots or such fonts if required. 5. Improve 2D graphic routines since if textures used for cockpits or other game related images do not match ^2 size, Direct3D will scale them and it will cause a little graphics corruption. It is can be avoided by manual loading of images but there is a problem since no one knows(except the author of course) what PR sets in it''s structures when loading a texture. 6. When putting new beta or release on the FPT make two variations of archive to avoid downloading not required data such as examples from old versions and unmodified utils. -s Eibon aka Igor Goshtovt... P.S. Sorry for poor english.

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1. DOT3 is partially completed but not working at this point. I plan on finishing it.
2. I have no plans on adding those myself.
3. No, I won''t be duplicating their documentation of the shader languages. I have enough of my own docs to finish
4. No, if you want more source you will have to license it.
5. I don''t think PR needs another sound library. Right now it supports modules, MP3, CD, WAV, DirectMusic, Midi, etc. If you want something else you can buy it separately and link it in (ie FMOD or Miles)
6. There is, in \pr4\chars\sound\sound3d\dsnd3d.c. The first half of the file has SND_Buffer* functions that deal with regular DSound buffers.
7. Yes.

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