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I use SFML regularly due to an inherent dislike of SDL's API. It is definitely clean and OOP, but defining one or the other as "better" is a bit of a fallacy since they have different uses. SFML...

  • ...has more core functionality than SDL, and requires less setup; precompiled libraries for common compilers are included.

  • almost universally faster than SDL, being a thin layer over OpenGL and thus hardware accelerated.

  • generally slimmer from the end user's point of view, depending on how many of SFML's libraries you utilize.

  • ...isn't as well supported as SDL. Support for anything beyond the core C++ library -- scripting language bindings for instance -- is limited.

  • ...isn't as versatile as SDL, lacking the dozens of add-on libraries SDL has. Additional functionality usually requires editing the source and recompiling the libraries.

I suggest trying them both out and evaluating which is appropriate for your own uses, and which might be more appropriate for future projects as well.

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SFML is F.A.N.T.A.S.T.I.C.

It's just an expertly designed library. It's so easy to use it doesn't feel like C++ some times.

It just a little bit different focus than SDL. But if you are making a game from the ground up, I would absolutely use SFML not SDL.

If I was porting a windows only game to other platforms, I'm not sure which I would use, but thats more so what SDL is geared towards.

Anyway, SFML is 1 of the best C++ libraries out there. Period. The documentation is flawless and up to date, and public interfaces are clear, and concise. The design is just so easy to work with, and really makes development a breeze.

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