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KickleC (Kickle Cubicle)

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KickleC is a free 3D remake of an old Arcade / Nintendo action puzzler game "Kickle Cubicle" (specifically the NES version). "In KickleC, the goal is to collect all of the Dream Bags from within each level while carefully avoiding the various enemies and other hazards that you may encounter. Many of the Dream Bags will initially be inaccessible, and will require that you build bridges across the open water using ice blocks and logic. You can create new pushable ice blocks by freezing Noggles (those blue blobby looking creatures). You can also create or remove pillars while over certain platform types--which are useful in stopping moving ice blocks, shielding yourself from enemies, and so on. Ice pops can be collected for points (the time remaining at the end of each level is also added to your score), and extra lives can be collected on certain levels. Finally, power cells exist on certain levels which, if activated, will instantly freeze all freezable enemies on the screen." FEATURE OVERVIEW * 85 action-packed levels ranging from simple to intense * Five different worlds, each with its own style and end-level objects * Seven different enemies, each with their own strengths and weaknesses * Eight different platform types, each of which affects how Kickle completes the level * Options for altering gameplay elements (timer, lives, resolution, controls, sound, etc.) * Auto-password feature so you can continue from where you last left off * All new, modernized visuals and sounds while maintaining the original feel SCREENSHOTS DOWNLOAD The following sources can be used to download the game (19.3MB): Official Site: http://www.m3dr.com/projects/kicklec/ Direct Download: http://www.m3dr.com/projects/kicklec/downloads/KickleC-1-1.zip Mirror: http://rapidshare.com/files/180952605/KickleC-1-1.zip Enjoy! P.S., For more action puzzler fun, you may wish to check out my other free games Bombzuka and Packin' Plax. Thanks for looking.

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