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SDL_Mixer sound playlist position issue

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The issue I'm running up against is described here in detail (by me): SDL Newsgroup I will summarize the problem (which is not exact to my implementation, but covers the issue properly). SDL_Mixer has a c style function callback (void function()) which is called whenever a sound has finished playing. I have a singleton which contains a reference to an active play list which I access from within this callback. I can play the next song from within this callback, this works fine however there is a catch. I want to position the audio for the play list so that it persists from one sound to the next. To do this I call an sdl effect function (Mix_SetPosition) on the channel that has just finished playing which creates another c style callback internal to the library which is CLEARED just after the callback I need to set it from finishes. So effectively I cannot set the position from within this callback. My question is if anyone with sufficient SDL_Mixer xp could point me in the right direction of playing a list of sound chunks in a row using the SDL_Mixer callbacks in such a way that I can also apply effects to each new song as I begin playing it (not music chunks)

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