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Help with projection matrix

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Im trying to do this via maxscript to bear with me :) What im trying to do is to convert my mesh into camera space using the code from here http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms537094.aspx. It works ok but the depth values arent working. For example I set my near plane to 4cm and my far to 7 cm and put my teapot further away than 7cm and it still shows up inside my unit cube :( This is the matrix I am generating here (matrix4 [8,0,0,0][0,3,0,18][0,0,8,0][0,-1,0,0])

	-- for testing, clipping planes
	mNear = 40 -- cm
	mFar = 70 -- cm
	-- http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms537094.aspx
	A =	(right + left) / (right - left)
	B = (top + bottom) / (top - bottom)
	C = (mFar + mNear) / (mFar - mNear)
	D = (2 * mFar * mNear) / (mFar - mNear)
	E = -1
	F = (2 * mNear) / (right - left)
	G = (2 * mNear) / (top - bottom)
	-- NOTE: Need to rotate OGL matrix right to get a 3ds matrix!!
	mProjectionMatrix = Matrix4 0 -- my own matrix structure
	mProjectionMatrix.row1 = Point4 F 0 A 0
	mProjectionMatrix.row2 = Point4 0 G B 0
	mProjectionMatrix.row3 = Point4 0 0 C D
	mProjectionMatrix.row4 = Point4 0 0 E 0
	mNumVerts = mGeometry.numverts
	for i = 1 to mNumVerts do
		mVertPos = meshop.getVert valGeometry i
		mNewVertPos = mVertPos * mViewMatrix -- camera view matrix
		mNewVertPos = mProjectionMatrix.multiplyPoint mNewVertPos  -- multiply my projection matrix and the point of a mesh
		meshop.setVert valGeometry i mNewVertPos

   -- mesh is output in the 3ds max viewport

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