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OpenAL used for playing music modules or MIDI?

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I am looking for a way to add music module and MIDI playback capabilities to SFML. I was hoping to do this by superclassing the sample playback functions to make musical instrument playback functions. Unfortunately, I've never worked with OpenAL Soft before. What I have done before is make a music module compiler for the AHI device under AmigaOS. Has anybody used OpenAL or OpenAL Soft to make an .XM capable music module player before? If so, would you be willing to advise me as I try to port my old code to the new API? Here's my current plan:
  1. Make an instruemnt player that queues samples to 4 voices at once.
  2. Expand upon that by making it queue Protracker-style instruments with a starting section that plays once, and a looping section that plays repeatedly.
  3. Port what music compiler code I have from C to Cpp.
  4. Expand upon instrument player to make it queue FastTracker2-style instruments with envelopes and panning loops.
  5. Expand upon actual music compiler by adding loaders from MikMod and adding a more elaborate line structure.
...and so on. Please let me know what you think!

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