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need help practicing

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Hey everyone, so I've decided to learn C++ and I've learned a decent amount of information so far to create small simple programs.But the problem is I haven't had any ideas on what type of program to try to make. Does anyone know a website for beginners with simple projects to create or anything related? Thanks for your help.I really appreciate it.

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My first year of Uni started our C++ tutorials with such apps as:

Beginner - console
- A simple random number game: Computer chooses a random number, you have X number of guesses
- Hangman: Computer chooses a random word (either from a hard coded list or loaded from text file), you have X number of guesses to fill in blank letters to guess the word

Intermediate - console
- A patience card game: I chose Black Jack. The console is pretty restrictive to how you can graphically display the cards, but with a little forethought you can work something out

Advanced - Win32
- Show a window
- Fill the window with a bitmap
- Add a sprite
- Move the sprite with the mouse
- Create a "bug splat" game: The mouse moves a fly swat sprite, random flies move across the screen, the player must 'swat' the flies with the mouse button, which shows a splatted bug sprite in place
- Add text: Show the player score
- Add sounds
- Wrap it up with a menu

We did these all in order, one week at a time, and made good use of the STL and classes. It was a fantastic introduction before we moved onto DirectDraw, and finally Direct3D. I really learned a lot taking it slow like this.

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Start with making a complete version of Tic-Tac-Toe via console (include AI and local multiplayer). Next, make the same thing with XNA. From there move on to more complicated games such as Tetris, Breakout, Asteroids, etc.

The idea is to start with simple concepts and build on them. Tic-Tac-Toe will start you off on the right foot and be about as basic as you can get. Your best bet is to focus on completing projects and polishing them as much as possible.

Edit: The XNA comment requires you to use C# instead of C++, and I would highly recommend you begin with C# over C++ as there are about a hundred thousand more ways to shoot yourself in the foot with C++, especially as a beginning programmer.

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