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ZDoom Development Ver. Binaries

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A lot of people really like ZDoom, because it integrates the ease of scripting into the engine along with other enhancements. But, if you visit the ZDoom wiki, you will notice a lot of the really cool scripting functions are labeled Development Version Only. Now, that might be no problem if they offered binaries for the development version, but they do not :(. Which means that you will have to get the latest SVN and compile it yourself. This is generally not a problem if you already have MSVC, the DirectX, FMod and Windows Platform SDKs. But quite a few people do not, and and even greater number of people do not even know how to set all that up to get it to compile properly. The fact of the matter is a good bit just want to mod the game, not spend figuring out how to do the above. So, in order to ease said peoples pain, I have done that for them. A fully compiled version of the latest ZDoom development version is made available at my site. Twice monthly I will compile and upload the latest development version. This will allow people who are more concerned about just modding, to use the library of the newest functions. However this comes with a warning. The development version is just that, a developmental version of the code, which can be unstable. Which can mean a lot of trouble down the road in a mod. So be warned, if you use the development version, try to keep in mind there may be quite a few bugs here and there with the new functions. As with any beta or development stage code, there are a lot of bugs, so do not download it thinking it will be 100% totally bug free (no software known to man is anyway). So without further delay, my site: The download is available in the Games section. It is packaged with the same(but differently worded) warning as above. Happy modding!

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