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DirectDraw Error

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Hi, i'm trying to play the game settlers 3 on my pc using Windows XP through virtualbox ose on kubuntu. When i try to start it up the following error message apears. 'DirectDraw Error DDERR_CANTLOCKSURFACE occured at CSurface::DDLock' This happens as soon as the game launches into full screen mode. DirectX version 9.0b (4.09.0000.0902) The game only requires version 6.0. I've run the DirectX diagnostics tool and it runs through the tests and says DirectDraw is running fine. I've also tried every patch for the game. My video controller is currently set to VGA compatible, with the yellow error question mark over it in the 'Other Devices'. I've tried to install the actual Dell video driver but it says my system doesnt meet the right requirements. Could this be a problem with my system, the video driver, DirectX, or the game? Any help would be much appreciated. If im not in the right place please send me to the correct forum. Many Thanks

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Googling that error code yields This Link:
From what I checked out by doing a search in Google, this is a Direct3D error. From the Microsoft DirectX database, the error that you get means:

Access to this surface is refused because an attempt was made to lock the primary surface without DCI support.

Further inquiry brings our the meaning of DCI:

DCI: Display Control Interface. Defined by the Intel® and Microsoft® corporations, DCI is an interface that offers improved graphics performance as a result of direct video memory access.

primary surface: The area in memory containing the image being displayed on the monitor. In DirectX, the primary surface is represented by the primary DirectDrawSurface object.
So it sounds to me like your virtual PC's video driver is a bit flakey or lacking in functionality.

As an aside, this is a forum for game development, and we're not generally able to help with techincal support. You could try E-mailing the developers of the game, but I suspect they'll say that running the game through a Virtual PC isn't supported and they can't help.

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