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CAL3D Breaks New

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Currently I'm using the CAL3D library to do animations in my game, but I've run into a problem as of late. In my cModel class that's a wrapper around the CAL3D stuff the code break when I call new in the ctor, and was wondering if someone could help me spot my error. Thanks.

typedef CalCoreModel Model;
typedef CalModel ModelInstance;

class cModel
		cModel(std::string name, int ID);
		std::string GetFilename(void){return fileName;}
		int modelID;
		int textureCount;
		std::string fileName;
		Model* calModel;
		ModelInstance* calModelInstance;

cModel::cModel(std::string name, int ID)
	fileName = name; 
	modelID = ID; 
	calModel = new CalCoreModel(fileName);//Breaks here
	calModelInstance = NULL;

//Function that calls constructor code
bool LoadAllModels(void)
	//My temporary model
	cModel temp("assets\\Models\\cally\\", 0);
	std::string tempStr = temp.GetFilename();

	return true;

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I can't step into the cal model struct because I'm using it's .lib and .dll files, but it says the heap seems to be exploding. Outside of that it's hard for me to tell what's really going on.

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Original post by Antheus
Does this work?
		Model calModel;


cModel::cModel(std::string name, int ID)

Unfortunately, I'm using the newest version of the CAL3D library and in that version they said they felt the create functions were redundant of the constructor, so they got rid of the create functions in favor of using the constructor only.

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