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Slow sweeping turns instead of snapping to face a point?

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Hey all, I'm working on a little 2d dogfighter and am struggling with how to make the enemy planes take slow, sweeping turns to line up their shots instead of just instantly snapping to face the player (making it more or less impossible to get behind them). It's a flash game you can play here: It works fine when you fly to the right of the enemy, but if you fly around the bottom left the enemy plane begins to act erratically. Here's what I'm using now:
var playerX : Number = gameState.getPlayer().getPosition().x;
var playerY : Number = gameState.getPlayer().getPosition().y;
var x : Number = playerX - position.x;
var y : Number = playerY - position.y;
var targetRotation : Number = Math.atan2(y, x) * 180 / Math.PI;
movieClip.rotation += (targetRotation - movieClip.rotation) * 0.05;
// movieClip.rotation = targetRotation; // <<< How to make it instantly snap to the face the player.

Anyone have any sort of insight? I'm guessing it has something to do with quadrants or imaginary numbers in parallel dimensions. My maths aren't great if you can't tell. ;) Thanks for the help!

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