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[SOLVED] Size of Point sprites ... reloaded

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Hey folks, I'm experimenting with particle systems and point sprites right now and I cam across a little oddity concerning the size of point sprites. Maybe someone of you can shed a little light on this: I was resizing the sprites using the global Renderstate like this: m_d3dDevice->SetRenderState(D3DRS_POINTSIZE, FtoDW(50.0f)); Everything worked out fine only that all sprites (of course) had the same size. Now i tried to add the D3DFVF_PSIZE format to my Vertex FVF Format and also added an extra float value to my Vertex structure to store the induvidual size. And pooof ... all point sprites are reduced to just that: points. No matter how large i set the size value of a PS it stays a single pixel. So why did it work before? I already checked my device Caps and tried tinkering around with various RenderStates but nothing seemed to help. Any Ideas? Thanks in advance, ChaosIII //EDIT: Ok, i figured it out myself. Thought I might as well post the solution here in case anyone else runs into the same pitfall. It turned out that the size value of my VERTEX structure was simply placed in the wrong position. I use D3DFVF_XYZRHW for my vertices and I wrongly placed the size value after the x,y,z coordinates but before the rhw value. However it hast go after the rhw value. [Edited by - ChaosIII on January 19, 2009 11:22:18 AM]

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