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Quick photoshop question

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hey ive made a outline sketch in photoshop with my tablet in black. how can i change this to blue? in other words i want every pixel in my image thats not completely white to go blue(preferebly staying the correct shade); thnx in advance

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Another quick and dirty way:

- Image > Adjust > Hue/Saturation
- Enable Colorize
- Increase Lightness
- Adjust Hue

The manual way, which is a good trick for any Photoshop user to learn:

- Edit > Select All
- Edit > Copy (or Copy Merged)
- Open Channels palette and make a new Channel
- Edit > Paste (into the new channel)
- Edit > Select None
- Image > Adjust > Invert (to turn white to black, black to white, etc)
- Hold CTRL (or whatever on Mac) and click on the channel preview icon (e.g.: "Alpha 1", or whatever you named it) in the Channels palette window. This will make a selection out of the channel's pixels. You can also do this manually by using the Select > Load Selection.
- Open the Layers palette and create a new layer.
- Choose the colour you want, and then draw in the selected area using a very large pencil.

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