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Reconstructing Position from Depth Data

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Hi! A pitty that the old thread was closed. I found a shader code and the line that got my attention was: float4 pos = mul(ScreenToView, float4(InPosition.xy, 1, 0)); Now with all the calculations floating around I wonder how they are doing this with just a matrix. It's nice and efficent. (At least for the Gpu) I guess it's pretty basic for some of you but maybe you can explain me what they are doing there as I have no clue how to build such a matrix and I'm always open to improve my already to slow shader codes. :) Regards

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You need an inverse of the View*Projection matrix,
than in the pixel shader:

// Get world position of this pixel by using the inverse of the ViewProj matrix and the depth
float4 worldPosition;
worldPosition.z= depth;

EDIT: Oh, you want the matrix... sry, dont know that

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I'm not seeing that exact line anywhere in that thread but it looks like you're talking about what wolf posted in the OP:

FLOAT4 worldPos4 = mul(FLOAT4(screenPos, 1.0f), WorldViewProjInverse); /= worldPos4.w;

Like neXus said this is just taking a projected coordinate, and multiplying it byt the inverse of view * projection to get a world-space coordinate. It certainly works, however there are more efficient ways to reconstruct position (which you'll see we talk about if you keep reading through that thread)

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