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Intermittent linker errors in VS2008

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I've been working on a build server that has to handle monolithic solutions numbering 70+ projects. It has been a growing problem from the beginning that these builds fail occasionally due to LNK2019 (Unresolved external) errors. At first I suspected incorrectly specified dependences, but that was quickly ruled out. In most cases the required library has already been built, and is set as a direct dependency of the linking project. I've heard that this is caused by a bug in the linker causing it to 'forget' some of its dependencies, but I haven't been able to find anyone else talking about it online. I'm beginning to wonder if I just overlooked something painfully obvious. Any suggestions or resources on what could be causing this would be appreciated :). Below is a more detailed list of observations since I first encountered this 3 months ago. --------- -Built on Windows Vista Business with VS2008 SP1 on a quad core, 64 bit machine. -Built using command line - devenv.exe xyz.sln /build "target|platform" -A clean is performed before each build using - devenv.exe xyz.sln /clean "target|platform" -Only one instance of devenv is running at a time. -Errors appear in both... *32 and 64 bit *Debug and Release *builds using incremental and non-incremental linking *builds linking to .lib and .obj files (Use Library Dependency Inputs = YES) *With and without optimizations enabled -It only happens when linking to libraries that are built as part of the solution. -Defining the dependencies in the solution or using references makes no difference. -It appears to happen more when building the entire solution as opposed to building a single project (and all of its dependencies). -It happens more frequently, but not exclusively, to certain projects over any given period of time. -It has occurred as rarely as once every 50 or so builds and as frequently as two builds in a row. -It can build a code base successfully once, then try the same one again and fail. -The LNK2019 errors can pertain to functions spanning multiple different libraries in a single build. All of which successfully linked to different projects during that build. For example: Project A fails to link functions from compiled library projects C and D, but project B linked the same functions without issue. -Deleting and refreshing the code base from source control has no effect -It has happened with multiple different solution files. -A virus scanner has caused intermittent problems in the past, but those all involved write-locked files. So far I haven’t been able to prove a connection with the scanner and these linker errors yet.

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