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Explorations v9.0b / CodeName: Bytor

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Official Press Release : LIVE Playback! Explorations v9.0 features LIVE game playback from within the editor. This feature will allow users to edit, & play test seemlessly from the Game Editor and debug is record time. I originally want to produce a sample .AVI of this feature in action, but who has the time. I want to get this baby in your hands! LIVE Playback has been the #1 feature requested by everyone using Explorations. It features the eMotions OpenGL framework and simple batch file command scripts to communicate. This feature allows all FREE DEMO copies of Explorations to play single maps live while the editor is active! The OpenGL 3D backbone plays games smoothly and effectively. eMotions command language allows Playback to exist as a Overlay in the editor or even an external Window. But enough of my talk.. Here are the screenshots. This is the standard game map that is included when you create your first library. I imported the NPC sprites and trees from the DataShare library. I resize the sprites by 70%, and imported the standard PC sample sprite from the DataShare. * You must import the PC sprite into your library in order to use live Playback. (You need be some sort of playable character.) Clicking a sprite you will see the property panel on the right hand side. Properties that have been changed from the default are highlighted. You will also notice the [PLAY], [STOP] and [CONFIG] buttons near the top of the editor. ] Just like VB, or many programming IDEs simply click <PLAY> to start LIVE Playback. The editor will ask you to select your PC. If you have multiple classes/races this will allow you to test the animations for any player sprites. ;) Once you have selected your PC character, the game starts to play. eMotions is running as a seperat app. If there are any bugs or crashes, you *WILL NOT* lose your work. The editor should run smoothly and appears very stable. In fact, each module is seperate from the map Editor, which allows Explorations to run flawlessly. Depending on the map size, after a few seconds your game is loaded and playing. You can click the map and your sprite will walk or run around. The NPCs will breath, idle and look around on occasion. The GUI components will respond and you can test events and script triggers. Other features: * The minimap (in the editor) will allow you to pan in game. Click it and the game map will pan to that position. * The eScript DB button will now allow you to drop script *real-time* into the game and execute them for testing. When you are done testing, simply click [STOP]. Minimizing or Closing the editor will also Stop LIVE playback. Download Explorations v9.0 / CodeName : Bytor Today! Explorations Forever!

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