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Want to bring awareness to your finished project?

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I am a youtuber.
My channel currently resides with over 1500 subscribers.
My target market is ages 10-18
Each video receives thousands of views.

What better way to reach new people than the power of video?

I am currently doing an advertising/promotional strategy using my channel.
For a $25 charge via paypal, I will promote your finished project.

100% of the $25 received is going to be re-invested into the channels advertising.
So you actually are just fueling yourself more by doing this.

Email me for further questions if you are interested.


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I'm sure you have good intentions, but what kind of awareness is actually going to be brought? Have you thought about the possible "negative advertising" affect your channel might have on anyone that would try to promote their video with your channel? The "Chopper" video for example, I would have a hard time associating a serious game project being advertised with an associating with that.

So, my question is, what is your business strategy? Having thousands of views per a video is meaningless if those viewers are not the target audience for whatever project you are advertising. How can you guarantee that the people you are advertising to are even relevant?

A more concrete example of what I am pointing out deals with television advertising. During football games, you will see lots of ads for beer, cars (mostly trucks), and occasionally men's health products. Why? Because the target audience when football is on will consist mostly of males aged 18+ who can drive, drink, and have interest in such. The ads are appealing to them. (Also I should point out that what you see in your local area will vary depending on your areas demographics. For the Katy, Texas area, it is mostly trucks, since that's the thing here)

If you are targeting 10-18 year olds, how many of those are actually going to buy or get interest in some project? Anyone under 16 will definitely not, because when you are under 16, in general, you won't have a viable source of income or money to spend on leisure activities. When you are 16-18, you might work part time, but most of your money is going to be dedicated to bf/gf, car, or other school related trips. Or possibly, the next GTA5 or Halo 3, etc...

That means, people aged 10-15, or 6/9 people who are getting exposed to some project are more than likely not even a real purchasing audience to target. The people buying for them would be their parents. If their parents go to your channel and look at the advertising and see your other videos, what are they going to think? "No way".

Association is everything in advertising. That is why companies pay million dollar contracts to famous people to endorse their products. The dominate purchasing mentality of America is if it's good for "insert famous idol here", then it is good for me and their purchasing behaviors are strongly linked to who is doing the advertising. Much like there are die hard Coca Cola and Pepsi consumers (business CEOs, lawyers, etc...) who will not stay in hotels if they serve anything but their preferred brand of beverage. It sounds crazy, but this is how things are.

So my advice to you is, the idea of YouTube promotion is good, but, you might want to take up an alternatte approach with a more professional image and one that better targets a more appropriate market [wink]

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