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Converting to/from 10/11 bit floating point number

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Hello, Im curious if anyone could explain how to go to/from a 10/11 bit float to/from a standard 32 bit float Both 10 and 11 have no sign bit, and 5 bits of exponent. 10 has then 5 bits of mantissa and 11 has 6 bits of mantissa. Obviously there is no sign bit, so I just need to drop the sign off of the 32 bit float. I believe I also understand how to convert the exponent. bias for a 8 bits of exponent = 127 bias for 5 bits of exponent = 15 So the formula to convert from exp32 to exp10/11 is then exp10/11 = (exp32 - 127) + 15 Heres where im not quite sure what to do. if exp10/11 <= 0, I know something special happens to convert it to denormalized or something. If exp10/11 >= 31 then its too large to store, so i guess we set the new float to infinity? And what do we do to the mantissa even when 0 < exp10/11 < 31? Thanks, Chris

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