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Hey all, My name is Mike. I am a college student from CA (not involved in programming). I am an amateur artist and writer, and a professional sound engineer. I have always loved playing RPG's and I want to create a game for PC. I will need a lot of help and I am hoping that this community can put me in touch with others that would enjoy taking on a new challenge. The basic idea of the game is a RPG set millions of years in the future. Human civilization has been forgotten and other species have evolved into more humanoid breeds. I can give more information on the plot if anyone is interested. I am hoping to find other writers who would enjoy creating adventures in this setting. The gameplay would generally be 3d, action based, and driven by content. Instead of wandering around looking for quest items and people, actions that the player takes would trigger consequences in the game. I am hoping to make a game that is a unique adventure every time it is played. Rather than gaining xp to level up, characters skills and strengths would grow as you learn from more powerful characters. I would need a lot of help in the programming area and again I hope that this community can lend some support. As far as funding goes I hope to make this game completely free and paid for by advertising. I have a few concept art pieces that I sketched up but like I said I am an amateur artist. I would be able to provide all the soundtracks for the game as well as script writing. Anyone interested please email Thanks all, Mike

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