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[DX10] Predicate drawing doesn't work

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Hello, I can't get predication to work, as all geometry is always being rendered. Did I make some mistake in my code? Does it matter how states are set when I'm rendering the occluder mesh?

// At init-------------------------

	// Create one occlusiion query

// At frame render-----------------
// Occluder
	// I render occluder here

// Render some spheres with DrawIndexedInstanced so the predication
// will be more obvious
	// Render many sphere here at the same place

All spheres are at the same position, the occluder mesh is a box in which the high poly sphere mesh fits

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I figured it out-the order of drawing objects was incorrect:

I first drew the occluder and only then the object that served as an obstacle to prevent viewing the occluder, but now I changed it so that the obstacle gets rendered 1st and the occluder afterwards and it works :D

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