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please give me some advice on 3d graphics programming

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hi friends, could you guys please give me some advice on how to create my own 3d world? it's always my dream to create an ideal world, which includes all kinds of terrains, like ocean, moutain, forest, desert, etc., and i can do something that never could happen in real life. however i know it's impossible to create a complicated 3d game all by myself, so i'm concentrating on the graphics part. i hope you can recommend some good books or tutorials, because i have a job, and i'm learning programming as a hobby, i don't have too much time to waste on some useless books. by the way, do you think it's possible for me to make a 3d engine? i use C/C++, programming on windows, using VS 2005. P.S. 1. i would really appreciate your help if you can give me some advice on game AI. the teammates in some of the games i played are really stupid, and i want to improve them. 2. is it easy to make a game trainer? sometimes i may need a little help with my games. oh, and can you recommend some good books on assembly language? what do you think if i learn assembly language by reading Intel's manuals? thank you very much.

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