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How to sell an iphone web app?

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Ive made a web app and I want to sell it, I have a web page for the product and am now wondering what to do next. I have some questions, how to add security to the web app, I need to protect my application from being copied by people that haven't bought a legit copy, just what can I do? Demos for the application, or sampling the program some how, what are people doing here? Also handling the payments and an automatic download for those that have paid for the product, whats available here? Also the program I used to make my web app exported the app as html pages and directories. Say the program was called, happy day, it made a directory called happy day, then inside it we have a bunch of html files, the one that launched it is called index.html. Now I find this all a bit messy, it would be nice if these files could be rolled into one file that one clicks to launch the program, I'm not sure how others have got their web apps set up. Do they combine them all into one file, one program launcher, how do they add security to prevent piracy, how do they handle payments and downloads? Any information to point me out in the right direction would be appreciated.

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