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Curves! Lagrange und Bzier

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Hello, I am studying Compter Graphics, and I have a task that I have to do, but I am stuck: Note: Another community is not able to help me because this IS a homework. I don't want anyone to do it for me, I want to do it on my own, but I need some help because I am stuck. I just want some help to find my way out of this problem. I hope you understand and help me. I have this curve [IMG][/IMG] That was generated with Lagrange. with the points: p0=(-2,0) p1=(-1,0) p2=(0,3) p3=(1,0) p4=(2,0) and u0=0 u1=1/4 u2=1/2 u3=3/4 u4=1 What I have to do is: calculate the points to generate a curve that matches this one, but using Bézier. Like this picture: [IMG][/IMG] But I don't know exactly the points. How can I calculate it? Also I have to do the oposite: I have a curve with Bézier and I have to generate a curve with lagrange to match the curve with Bézier. Thank you, Oscar

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