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DirectInput Acquire

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Hey, i have a problem with the InputController. Every time i use the Function "Acquire" my complete system hangs. (ca. 5seconds) Anyone know (solved) this problem? I cant find the cause. Cheers... Michael Sourcecode: dev_keyb = new Device(SystemGuid.Keyboard); dev_keyb.SetCooperativeLevel(form, CooperativeLevelFlags.Background | CooperativeLevelFlags.NonExclusive); dev_keyb.SetDataFormat(DeviceDataFormat.Keyboard); dev_keyb.Acquire(); // --> SYSTEM HANG <-- dev_mouse = new Device(SystemGuid.Mouse); dev_mouse.SetCooperativeLevel(form, CooperativeLevelFlags.NonExclusive | CooperativeLevelFlags.Background); dev_mouse.SetDataFormat(DeviceDataFormat.Mouse); dev_mouse.Acquire(); // --> SYSTEM HANG <--

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