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Breakout Clone Powerups?

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what kind of powerups would be cool and or original for a breakout style game? I plan on releasing the game, having people able to make there own worlds (many levels) which can be downloaded from the net.

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Here's a few off the top of my head:

Good pickups:

- Increase the size of the ball
- Increase the size of the paddle
- A bomb - destroys bricks in a certain radius
- Invisible floor - creates a floor temporarily, so you cannot lose
- Points++ - doubles the points you get from hitting a brick
- Freeball - extra life
- Double ball (or Douball even) - throws another ball in
- Gravball - the ball 'attracts' bricks (REF: Electric bubble in Sonic III)

Bad pickups:

- Decrease size of ball
- Decrease size of paddle
- Black hole - ball can fall into it
- Disappearing wall - one of the entire walls disappears temporarily
- Points-- - half the points for hitting a brick
- Repeller - the ball 'repels' bricks away
- Invisiball - you can't see the ball temporarily
- Invisibrick - you can't see the bricks temporarily

See what you think.

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The Arkanoid series has several rather basic and traditional powerups not in deadstar's list:

- the special ball that goes through destroyed bricks instead of bouncing
- the paddle that shoots blocks (straight up) in addition to its normal function
- the sticky ball that stops on the paddle and is released at leisure

See Wikipedia for the full roster of powerups.

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