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Jagged Edges around Window

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So I apologize if this is confusing, but I want to figure out why I'm getting jagged edges when moving a window using an offset in my Vertex Shader. Is this normal? I will be digging into this quite a bit tonight, but I was hoping someone had run into this before. I have seen this in antialiasing problem spaces, but I am not certain since I am just outputting a white color in my Pixel Shader. Also to clarify, I am not using a World Transform, for my 2D layer I'm using a screen aligned quad, well sort of, I'm doing the calculations for the cordinates using the viewport width/height information, and like I said the main issue although the window does move expected, the (windows pos) does move based upon the calculations I've made for the difference between the top corner and the mouse pos, etc.. I'm even getting this to work for windows within windows. On a slightly different point, is there a better way to handle clipping for UIs then using surfaces? I plan to add scrollbars for my Windows to change all of the child object's offsets and things are coming together, but this jagged edge stuff is quite troublesome. John

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