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Weird alpha blending

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Hey guys! I am currently experimenting with particle systems, point sprites and alpha blending. I'm making good progress but now I ran into something I can't make any sense of. When I blend together several sprites to create something smoke-like I get weird results. The smoke shows a colored "aura" depending on the background (s. Images) My renderstates are those: ALPHABLENDENABLE = TRUE SRCBLEND = SRCALPHA DESTBLEND = INVSRCALPHA Texture 0 (alpha map): ALPHAOP = MODULATE ALPHAARG1 = TEXTURE ALPHAARG2 = DIFFUSE Texture 1 (actual texture): COLOROP = MODULATE COLORARG1 = TEXTURE COLORARG2 = DIFFUSE ALPHAOP = MODULATE ALPHAARG1 = CURRENT ALPHAARG2 = DIFFUSE All the diffuse colors are grayscales (r = g = b). Same as the background colors and pretty much all colors in the textures (s. Images). So where do these colored auras come from? And more importantly: how do I get rid of them? Thanks in advance, ChaosIII

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