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CCG : Faction specific booster packs?

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Take Magic : The Gathering as an example. There are 5 colors or "factions" in M:TG. When the consumer buys a booster pack, he gets random cards from each of the 5 colors, plus non-faction stuff like artifacts and lands. Would there be any advantage if a Collectible Card Game sells booster packs that only gives card of a particular faction? For example, a M:TG expansion that allow you to buy "Red Boosters" which only gives Red cards plus Red related multi colored cards, artifacts and lands. If I am not wrong, the online collectible miniature war game Pox Nora splits factions into two major group ("good vs evil") and allow players to buy boosters that only give cards from either the "good" or "evil" group.

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Original post by Nypyren
From the player's point of view, it would be nice.

From the publisher's point of view, the more boosters the players buy in order to get the card(s) they need, the better.

Yeah, players will buy less boosters because they can get what they want faster.

Publisher sell less boosters as a result. Furthermore, rares will become less rare as players can zoom in on the rares of a specific color.

I wonder if there is any gain in doing this. Probably not worth it.

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