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specify SDL window location?

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You can't select the position of the window, nor can you move it, using SDL.

However... if you want to toss in some Windows-specific code...

//Retrieve the monitor resolution size. (AKA the size of the desktop in pixels)
RECT rect;
int monitorWidth = rect.right;
int monitorHeight = rect.bottom;

//Calculate the new window position.
//'Screen' in this case refers to the window size, and not the monitor/desktop size.
int posX = (monitorWidth - ScreenWidth) / 2;
int posY = (monitorHeight - ScreenHeight) / 2;

//Grab a handle to the window.
SDL_SysWMinfo windowInfo;
HWND handle = windowInfo.window;

//Finally, move the window to the calculated position, using the WIN32 function 'SetWindowPos'.
printf("Error occured centering window on the screen using the WIN32 function SetWindowPos()");
printf("SDL_GetWMInfo(): %s", SDL_GetError());

The above was taken from a old engine I was working on. The code came after the SDL window was already created.

You must include <windows.h>, and preferably #define 'WIN32_LEAN_AND_MEAN' right before including it.

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Actually, there is a portable way. Try using this before initializing SDL:

There are other things you can do by setting environment variables like this. This is just a quick sample.

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