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ArcLib 2D game library introduction tutorial

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Learn the premise of ArcLib and how to write 'hello world!' http://dmedia.dprogramming.com/?n=Tutorials.ArcIntro ArcLib is a cross platform 2D game development library for the D programming language. ArcLib is designed to be... 1) Completely free to use for commercial games, this is done using the zlib/png license and avoidance of dependencies on commercial libraries. 2) Easy to use. ArcLib + DSSS should be taking the shortcuts for you to make you more productive. If any part of the library or extensions is troubling you, post on the forum. 3) Cross Platform, this is done by having only using cross platform libraries to build Arc upon. The libraries I use are... * OpenGL - Standard API for quality cross platform graphics * OpenAL - Free high quality audio system * SDL - Cross platform toolkit for Window/Input access * SDL_image - Image loading * FreeType - TrueType font rendering 4) Full featured * Core API features an OpenAL based sound API, FreeType font rendering API, drawing primitives, input API, window API, math API, texturing API that can load up png/jpg/tga/bmp/gif/pcx/lbm/xpm/pnm graphics files, and timing utilities, basic resource management hidden from API that prevents loading the exact same file twice * GUI system extension that reads GUI from XML file * Scene graph extension * 2D Physics Engine support through a Blaze extension (Blazed based off of box2d.org) * Particle system extension * Camera extension that allows one to move around the game world * 2D Lighting extension that supports soft shadows * Sprite extension that supports sprites with multiple animations and sound effects edit: Screen shots of games that have used ArcLib (all these games are open source and can be found on dsource.org) Screen 1 Screen 2 Screen 3 ~ Clay [Edited by - clayasaurus on January 21, 2009 11:20:55 AM]

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