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Dragonball Universe

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Hello all, I dont know if its allowed to advertise right away, but I guess I can try and if its not allowed I'll notice :) So we are working on a Dragonball based MMORPG. The project started around october 2008 and started of rather well. At the end of 2009 the Team decided to restart the project and use custom graphics. We used LOG sprites and tiles before. Now were working on the base character. The overall style of the game will be based on the Legendary Super Warriors games, but now you can walk up and down too. All graphics will eventually be fully custom or edited so much that we can call it our own. The Team already started to program some features, the engine is now really stable and no bugs have been found yet. Here's a list of some of the features: Basic User Interface Improvements: We added status windows where you can see your level and level of your stats, one where you can see your HP/KI/Stamina and one where you can see your current location, an experience bar, HP/KI bars for NPC's, NPC Chat windows and NPC information windows where you can see some of the stats and a description. Basic Graphical Improvements: We added a name border, added custom HP/KI bars, NPC names and HP/KI can now only be seen on mouse hover we added a animation when hit by an attack, added information texts on almost all stats, skills and windows. Basic Server Improvements: Better hacking security, added checks to see if someone uses a hex-editor or tries to use an item/skill that they do not have. Added basic speed improvements and removed alot of unneeded code to improve the server speed. Damage Layer: When your health drops below a certain point you can now see damage on your character! And the good thing is: We can set different damages for different layers. So when your Namek is hurt he will have scratches and his clothes will be torn with purple blood! (and not red which would be the case if we had only 1 damage layer) Mounts: Mounts in our game will be cars mostly. You can buy a capsule and on use (which means: equip it) you will sit in a car! You can use the capsules as many times as you want and it will greatly increase your speed! Of course, you cannot attack while in the car and you will leave the car when attacked. Regeneration Skill: This exciting new skill will be for Nameks only. It's an unique skill which will improve the amount of energy you replenish the higher it gets. This will give an early advantage for you Namek lovers. TIP: Improve your Regeneration stat until you regenerate more than they hit you and keep full health while you kill your opponents. NOTE: Other races will get bonusses too, except for Saiyans, they have Super Saiya-Jin. Alignment System: The Alignment stat is based on your actions ingame. You can raise, or lower, your alignment by doing good or evil quests and by killing NPC's. You become good when you kill evil NPC's and vice versa duh. Also, some quests need a certain alignment if you want to be able to do them. New NPC AI's: The new AI's include the Guard, Ranged attack, Heal and KI attack AI. Guard AI: You will find guards near big cities and important places. They will stand ground until a hostile NPC gets in their reach. Guards will kill the threat and return to their post until new danger arrives. TIP: Guards are your friends, use them to aid you in battle! Ranged Attack AI: These little bastards will attack you with ranged weapons and then they run. Most of the times they have weak defence but they will be very hard to kill with their great speed. Heal AI: These guys heal their fellow NPC's when they get weak. They wont attack you but will only run and heal. TIP: Kill these guys first or lead the other NPC's away from him because he can make your battle very hard if he keeps healing your target. KI Attack AI: They will hit you with KI attacks! These guys will be bosses or very strong villains. They are strong, have high defence and awesome Ki attacks. Most of those skills will be obtained by killing these bosses for a quest. Name HP Color: The color of your name depends on your health. When its full your name is green and it will change towards red. The same goes for NPC's. TIP: Look for red names on NPC's for easy kills! Improved map editor: We improved the block system. Now we can block in directions. So you can get up but not to the left, right or down. Or maybe only down? We can set it: Great for dungeons! We added Class and Level requirements to enter maps. Welcome levelled area's or Class only area's Reflective Tiles: You can now see your reflection in the water! Unique Experience System: Before, you killed NPC's got experience, levelled and used the stat points you got to raise them. Now you get experience everytime you hit a NPC (Based on you level, NPC's defence and several other factors) so you wont have people who steal your kills Now you use your experience to level stats. The higher you want the stat to be, the more experience you need. Now only your vitals (HP/KI/Stamina) will increase when you level Player Abilities: This awesome feature is inspired by the Elder Scrolls games. (Morrowind & Oblivion) We took out the stat defence and divided it into more parts: KI defence, Melee Defence and Ranged Defence and we added Weapon Wielding. Now here's the cool part: You get experience when you use it. When you use a weapon your Weapon Wielding stat will increase. When you defend on melee attacks, your melee defence will get experience. So it increases at the rate you use it! Also, its based on some stats too. So when you are very quick and agile, you will naturally dodge attacks easier. Right-Click movement: You can now use your mouse to move! (you can also use the WASD and arrow keys) just hold your mouse and walk! This is for all you guys who just love to play with your..erm.. mouse! And here's a mock-up of the current GUI: AWESOMEGUI2.jpg This is not exactly how it looks ingame, the GUI and Character are custom, the grass and trees are to fill the map. Site: db-universe.forumotion.com [Edited by - DBUTeamster on January 21, 2009 5:50:48 AM]

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