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Extend lengths of polyline sides so that it closes

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Hi there, I have the following problem: In an application of mine I draw rooms from top perspective. The room drawing could be seen as a polyline since it is not closed (drawing start and end point are not attached). Now say I change some angles between some sides and have the polyline (the room from top perspective) opened (e. g. obviously noew one sees that it is a polyline not a polygon). I would like to have a method to extend every line of the polygon so that the room start and end point are over eachother again. Alternatively this should be done with the inner angles. Idealy this would be done equally. I do not really have a clue to solve this, I guess I am overlooking something extremely simple :P. It would be very nice if you could add some thoughts here :) Thank you in advance, Tom [Edited by - VooDooTom on January 21, 2009 8:11:01 AM]

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