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Delphi version of Visual Basic's GetObject()

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I would like to check the amount of video memory present on the video card. Here is the Visual Basic code that accomplishes this: Dim controllers As Object Dim controller As Object Dim ram As Variant Dim caption As Variant Set controllers = GetObject("WinMgmts:").InstancesOf("Win32_VideoController") MsgBox "Retrieved Win32_VideoController collection." For Each controller In controllers caption = controller.caption If IsNull(ram) Then MsgBox "Caption returned Null!" Else MsgBox "Caption = " & CStr(caption) End If ram = controller.AdapterRAM If IsNull(ram) Then MsgBox "AdapterRAM returned Null!" Else MsgBox "AdapterRAM = " & CStr(ram) End If Next My problem is getting the "controllers" object. I cannot figure out how to do this. I have tried CreateOleObject(), CreateObject(), and GetActiveObject() in various ways and none of them work. How does Visual Basic''s GetObject() work, and how can I create a Delphi version of it? -Josh

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