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Running Direct3D lib under iis process

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I have created a D3D lib (it is a COM dll) used for off-screen rendering. And make a web service API. Then people can call the web API and get a snapshot back from their scene (not define yet, just want to run the system first). My target system is windows server 2003 R2. I have test an ordinary D3D application and it ran fine on the machine. However, when I made a call through the web service API that called the D3D to create D3D device, it fail to create the device with unknown error returned, the output for D3D debugger runtime was something like "Graphics hardware acceleration is disabled". This has happened before when I ran the normal D3D application but to fix it, I just went to Display Properties->Settings->Advanced->Troubleshoot and moved the slider bar of "Hardware acceleration from "none" to "full" then the D3D application could run fine. but this does not work with the call from web service API. * When I ran the process explorer, I saw the D3D lib was running under iis process. Is there something to do with it? * I have implemented web service API using C# and D3D lib is in-process COM dll written in C/C++ * My graphics card is geforce7950. * If possible I don't want to migrate in-process COM to out-of-process COM. It is a performance issue. * I have latest graphics driver. Does anybody has a clue about this one? Thanks in advance.

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