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Can You Save What Remains of my Sanity?! - Very Simple UV Map Question [3DS MAX 8]

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Here's the deal. I'm trying to make a Moon for my game. All I need to do is texture a sphere. That's it. I've created a GeoSphere, converted it to Editable Poly, and I threw a Spherical UV Map Modifier on it. Great. I get a very pixel-efficient mapping, as you can see in the screenshot above. The problem is, the default sphere mapping doesn't fit in the (0,0)->(1,1) UV unit square (you can see the overlap in the screenshot). It does give a tessalateable shape though. I was wondering if there is an easy way to clean this up to get a square UV map that makes the most of my texture resolution. I.e. "Chop" off the tails of this map, rotate them, and fit them back into the unit square. I know I can use the magic "Flatten Mapping" to get a reasonable texture mapping, but then I don't get the most efficient packing (there are unused pixels). I also know that I can chop off and rotate the tails manually. It's hard to do this precisely though. So I assume there is a better way??? Thanks for any help!

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Hi Telamon,

Depending on the individual map, this may or may not work.

If you go into face/polygon mode and select your 'tails', then go to Tools -> Break (Ctrl-B), it will detach them from the rest of your map.

Then go into Edge mode, and select the edges of the tail one at a time. The corresponding edge (where you can join the tail) will highlight in blue. Choose the best place to join the tail back on (just by selecting the correct edge), and then go to Tools-> Stitch Selected.

They should join nicely with the other elongated polygons at the top and bottom of your map, creating a square-like shape. With a bit of luck and messing about you will get a desired result!

Hope that helped,

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