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Problem copying bmp data

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I have a problem with the following piece of code that copies a bitmap''s data to a Direct Draw structure''s lpSurface.It seems the program exits on the 361st iteration of the for loop and I can''t figure out why.SCREENHEIGHT and SCREENWIDTH are consts for the resolution, which is 800 x 600.If it makes any difference, this code is from Andre LaMothe''s Tricks of the Windows Game Programming Gurus.
UCHAR *imageBuffer = (UCHAR *)ddsd.lpSurface;       
	// test if memory is linear

	if (ddsd.lPitch == SCREENWIDTH)
		// copy memory from double buffer to primary buffer

		memcpy((void *)imageBuffer, (void *)bitmap->buffer, SCREENWIDTH*SCREENHEIGHT);
	} // end if

	{	// non-linear

		// make copy of source and destination addresses

		UCHAR *pDest = imageBuffer;
		UCHAR *pSrc  = bitmap->buffer;
		// memory is non-linear, copy line by line

		for (int y=0; y < SCREENHEIGHT; y++)
			// copy line

			memcpy((void *)pDest, (void *)pSrc, SCREENWIDTH);
			// advance pointers to next line

			pDest   += ddsd.lPitch;
			pSrc    += SCREENWIDTH;

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Looks ok to me, check your SCREEN variables, and make sure you account for multiple byte pixels. 16Bit=2, 24Bit=3, 32Bit=4.

You could always use the DDCopyBitmap routine in the file ddutils.c from the DX SDK, it even loads a BMP file for you.

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